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Introduction to this Featured Opportunities Page

Jan. 8, 2018 -- The surge in Enterprise shares; and why there's MORE to come

Enterprise Group (TSE-E; OTC-ETOLF) appears to have even more of a long, happy and PROFITABLE recovery ahead of it, even after the spurt higher of the last couple weeks.


BacTech Environmental -- Special Report, Fall, 2017

This company I have followed sporadically for several years now--ramping up my interest in 2017 for reasons detailed in this new report--is at the same time risky yet potentially spectacularly rewarding.

BacTech has two major near-term projects--one in Ecuador and one in Bolivia--it's working on to demonstrate its wares; and BacTech's unique presence where mining/metals recovery and environmental remediation MEET.


International Frontier Resources -- Special Report, Fall 2017

It's not an overstatement to say that IFR represents a once-in-a-lifetime energy opportunity. The company is notable among energy "juniors" in having first-mover advantages as Mexico opens up its energy sector to private companies for the first time in some 80 years!

As you'll read--among other things--IFR and its partner, the petrochemical giant Grupo IDESA--will likely be among the first private interests to sell oil in Mexico before 2017 is over.


Cornerstone Capital Resources -- Sept. 2017 Corp. Presentation

Cornerstone is one of our big all-time winners, but the story continues to evolve!  I'll be soon reprising my own Report on the company after one becomes two -- the looming spin-out of what will be Cornerstone Exploration, and the remaining core company to be dubbed Cascabel Gold and Copper.  For now, this is the company's own just-updated corporate report.


Coral Gold Resources -- Special Report, Summer 2017

It's one thing to find promising, organic growth companies selling at less than their book value.  But in the case of Coral Gold, it even has more CASH in the bank than its market cap!

And that's because this "sleeper" has already had some major success as a project generator of sorts in the prolific mining State of Nevada; recently closing on the sale of one of its key projects to Barrick Gold.

But besides the cash windfall, Coral also ended up with a sliding scale, unlimited royalty on its Robertson Project; one which could eventually be worth FAR more than the market seems to understand. Between the cash, royalty and the other exploration projects that Coral owns, its shares are as compelling STILL today as they were a year ago when they were selling for a fraction of their current level.


Seabridge Gold -- Special Report, May 2017

I have for some time now viewed Seabridge Gold (NYSE-SA: TSX-SEA) as my favorite company for trading gold's swings. Its volatility is due chiefly to its owning some of the highest levels of gold reserves in the world in British Columbia, anchored chiefly by the flagship KSM Project.  Thus, as I have long written, I view Seabridge as I once did the old Bema Gold (acquired by Kinross just over a decade ago) -- as the BEST, leveraged play in the gold space; a "long-term, unexpiring call option on gold" if you will.

But even a great many that follow the metals space have been asleep as Seabridge has become something even more than that. Beyond perhaps the best-leveraged play on the gold price, the company now boasts total copper resources as well as some 35 billion pounds.

And most recently, billionaire hedge fund manager, philanthropist, and gold bug John Paulson chose Seabridge as the company he wanted to place perhaps THE elite exploration play in the U.S. into!

Read all about this transformed, powered-up company!


Monarques Gold -- Special Report, Spring 2017

The Abitibi Greenstone Belt in eastern Canada is one of the premier mining regions in the world; and one where a new wave of both discovery and consolidation in the industry is underway.

One of my themes these days is to find THE elite stories/plays here and get my Members in before everyone else catches on.  We have already done that with one previous recommendation; Falco Resources has more than tripled since I urged buying it, despite the gold price being essentially unchanged.

I.M.O. the next big story to burst out will be Monarques Gold, an explorer and possibly soon a producer which "ticks all the boxes" as you'll read in this report.  Its best attribute is that analysts/institutions are only now finding out about it!


Enterprise Group -- Special Report, March 2017

Two big long-term investment themes right now are:

1. Stabilizing energy prices (albeit at lower levels than their extremes of $100+ per barrel for oil and double-digits for natural gas) while global demand stays strong and

2. More aggressive infrastructure spending the world over, as governments seek to make up for weak economic growth otherwise and as the necessity of decaying old infrastructure and burgeoning new populations demand it.

Enterprise Group is a company with a presence in both sectors and --as of this posting and Special Report -- has clearly turned a corner following the energy slump of the last few years. But even after some recent strength in its share price it still sells for scarcely more than a third of its book value!


Ecuador Report -- March 2016

In this summation of my recent two-week trip to Ecuador, I discuss the resurgence of that country's mining industry and opportunities; a story that most investors and even analysts are as yet unaware of.  Among other things, this means that those who learn what I have uncovered and written and act to take advantage of many a ground-floor opportunity (among others, I discuss one of my recommendations, Cornerstone Capital Resources, and it having a piece of what is widely believed to be the next world-class copper/gold porphyry in NW Ecuador) could be happy they did!

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