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2016 Performance Figures:

Conservative allocation:  +15.9% total return

Growth-oriented allocation:  + 21.4% total return

2017 Performance Figures:

Conservative allocation:  +13.8% total return

Growth-oriented allocation:  + 19.0% total return

2018 Performance Figures (through May):

Conservative allocation:  +6.5%

Growth-oriented allocation:  +7.8%


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FIRST, Twice-monthly (on average) information-packed regular issues of The National Investor.

Generally, so as to break up your reading, I send out a 14-16 page issue roughly every two weeks or so. Sometimes they are combined and one larger issue per month is sent out.

Each regular issue is sent to paid subscribers via e-mail upon its completion. These regular issues usually feature one (or more) main subjects or important topics we wish to pass along that help form the foundation of our investment strategies. In addition, we provide news and interesting tidbits concerning the economy, markets, and world. We also recap—and sometimes add to—the preceding month’s e-mail updates, commentaries, and investment alerts, together with updating, as needed, our recommended portfolios and holdings.

And more so these days with our ever more-engaged Membership, I feature a Q&A section, where I answer inquiries on a variety of topics!

A lot of these recent general themes you can find on this site in the form of commentaries and excerpts from recent issues.  They are on the front page and Commentaries page.

SECONDIn addition to the regular issues you'll receive occasional, supplemental Special Reports. These are published, quite simply, as we “feel the need” to especially stress a particular market (i.e. – gold or energy) or a particular theme or strategy.


THIRD, you’ll receive between-issues e-mail alerts (typically, several times per month, but always as changing market conditions warrant) updating market trends as well as our own recommendations RE: asset allocation, individual stocks, and ETF recommendations, etc.

We do NOT advocate strategies that involve you becoming a “day trader.” with our basic Membership. Nevertheless, we DO feel it is important that you know IMMEDIATELY when changes need to be made to your portfolio. Further, this is your way of being REGULARLY plugged into OUR mind set on the markets!

This is an indispensible part of your “full service” subscription, and one you should not be without if you are at all active in investing your own money.

FOURTH, we act as both a “sounding board” and a resource for our subscribers. We may not be able to answer your most profound questions on the Theory of Relativity, but on MOST things relating to the investing, financial planning and estate preservation worlds, we do our best to point you in the right directions. Often (as indicated above), when we think the question and our response will help others, we’ll publish it in the newsletter.

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Saint Augustine, Florida 32085

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