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Enterprise Group

August 13, 2018 -- The "StarChain" and its benefits for Enterprise Group (TSE-E; OTC-ETOLF) -- My visit with the company's Des O'Kell and Matt Potter

You know — or should know — the deep value story of energy services company Enterprise Group. But today–joined by the company’s Exec. V.P. Des O’Kell and I.T. guru Matt Potter–they discuss what at the time was a curious late April announcement from Enterprise; about the company’s proprietary “StarChain.”

In short, you’ll learn more about pseudo “blockchain” regimens and the like in this short conversation than, perhaps, you’ve been able to glean to date.  I know I have! And what is most important, of course, is understanding not the specific labels or technology…but the ways in which both Enterprise and their customers benefit from today’s advancements in technology, etc.



July 14, 2018 -- My visit with Des O'Kell, Senior V.P. of Enterprise

In the below interview, you'll get an update on the great progress and more optimistic business climate that has moved Enterprise shares up by some 150% from their bottom of the energy bear market.

Despite all the good news, though, the company's share price is still slightly less than half its (now higher) book value!



July 14, 2018 -- Enterprise Group's rebound STILL has a long ways to go!

More "meat" in the above report/update to go along with the chat with Enterprise's Des O'Kell.


Jan. 8, 2018 -- The surge in Enterprise shares; and why there's MORE to come 

Enterprise Group (TSE-E; OTC-ETOLF) appears to have even more of a long, happy and PROFITABLE recovery ahead of it, even after the spurt higher of the last couple weeks.

Enterprise Group -- Special Report, March 2017

Two big long-term investment themes right now are:

1. Stabilizing energy prices (albeit at lower levels than their extremes of $100+ per barrel for oil and double-digits for natural gas) while global demand stays strong and

2. More aggressive infrastructure spending the world over, as governments seek to make up for weak economic growth otherwise and as the necessity of decaying old infrastructure and burgeoning new populations demand it.

Enterprise Group is a company with a presence in both sectors and --as of this posting and Special Report -- has clearly turned a corner following the energy slump of the last few years. But even after some recent strength in its share price it still sells for scarcely more than a third of its book value!

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