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Energy Fuels

April 19, 2018 -- Interview with Curtis Moore, V.P. of Energy Fuels, Inc.

The above link will take you to my discussion of this day with Energy Fuels' Moore. He and I discuss the major points of the uranium space generally, which I go into in considerably more detail in my written report on the uranium sector generally and Energy Fuels specifically; that is linked below.  This audio interview is a good intro and should REALLY whet your appetite!

Energy Fuels, Inc. -- Special Report -- Spring, 2018

As I write near the conclusion of my uranium sector report and company overview of Energy Fuels (click the link above), "I can personally count on the fingers of one hand the other times in my own nearly 40 years now in and around the investment markets when a sector was so bloodied and out of favor. . .and yet, when the case for a turn around was so clear, compelling and virtually certain."

Simply put, my friend, a perfect storm is brewing that is likely to lead to what I have termed the coming "Rip your face off rally" for Uranium.

And the dynamics I explain could disproportionately benefit long-suffering U.S.-based uranium miners; and none more than Energy Fuels.

Click the link above to read my extended report.