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Core Gold, Inc.

September 27, 2018 -- Update with Keith Piggott, CEO and President of Core Gold, Inc. (TSXV-CGLD; OTC-CGLDF) on the latest milestone in Core Gold's turnaround story!

In the below audio interview recorded with Keith, we discuss the news of earlier this month of Core successfully pulling in-country subsidiary Elipe, S.A. out of bankruptcy/reorganization.  As we discuss, this is the latest BIG development in the now-two year old turnaround of Core by Piggott and his team.  And with the Ecuadorian "subsidiary" company now in good stead, exploration (Keith updates us on the THREE major projects at hand) and more can now be accelerated.


July 3, 2018 -- Core Gold's Massive Turnaround Story continues. . _

In the above update, you get all the more reason to understand why this company is a "sleeper."  A colleague of mine who just returned from a trip to Ecuador informs me that--even within the government--expectations are that Core Gold is very likely to be the next cause celebre in the country.

April 24, 2018 -- Interview with Keith Piggott, CEO and President of Core Gold, Inc. (TSXV-CGLD; OTC-CGLDF)

Direct from Ecuador, I visit with Mr. Piggott today. The turnaround in Core Gold's fortunes he has orchestrated in the last 18 months or so running this company is remarkable. Now, 2018 is slated to see further increases to free cash flow for Core, a roughly DOUBLING of gold production and more.

On the exploration front, the potential to add to existing, known resources of gold and even copper is remarkable. Surface outcrops in this unique location/geography over WIDE areas have shown 10 grams/tonne of gold and 5% copper. . .2018 could be a big year!


Aug. 31, 2017 -- New Ecuador Recommendation -- Dynasty Metals and Mining

The above was my initial recommendation of Core Gold, Inc. from late last Summer (the company was then still called Dynasty; the name change came shortly afterward.)