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A “Bail-In” here in America? Not so fast…

Chris Temple 0

Every now and then there are various scare stories that pop up about some type of government confiscation of your savings.  Some say we'll go the way of bankrupt Cyprus, and see the federal government ultimately confiscate savings in a "bail in" to help shore up the government's balance sheet.  Some claim that Uncle Sam -- or Uncle Barack -- is scheming to find a way to take your IRA or 401(k) plan.  And then there is the cool few trillion bucks overseas that Washington would like to see come back "home."

What's most likely?  None of us has a crystal ball; but as you'll hear in this recent segment I did on the Korelin Economics Report, there are some precedents for how the U.S. government would handle such a cash crunch. And it's decidedly different than what the rumor mongers are calling for! Take a listen here (under 10 minutes) ... Interview

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