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HERE is what to look for as GOLD looks for a bottom

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Once more, we have seen a lot of egg accumulating on the faces of The Pied Pipers of the Gold Bug Echo Chamber over the last few weeks, as their hapless devotees have watched the precious metals (and their portfolios) crumble while just about everything else goes up.

That wasn't supposed to happen.

Once more, overly "religious" gold bugs have had a beating administered. 

A number of these sorts insisted that--whether it was The Orange Wonder or Sleepy Joe who "won" at the ballot box in America's recent election--it was GOLD that would be the big Election Day winner.

And surely, when apparent President-elect Joe Biden chose former Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen to be his Treasury Secretary, gold would have to soar! 

So much for that. . .

There are reasons why the sales pitch-oriented (and woefully IGNORANT when it comes to understanding markets) Pied Piper gurus have missed the boat again

In my last issue, I discussed some reasons; not the least of which, WHY generalist investors for the time being have NO reason to be in the gold space, when so much else makes better investment sense to them.

If anything, Janet Yellen's appointment reinforced these views, no matter how much these cornball "experts" object or try (yet again) to explain away their chronic failure to get this market correct. 

I'll be adding to that discussion in the new issue being released tomorrow. 

Among other things, too, I have been discussing the reasons why gold's coming rebound will be accompanied by a resurgent U.S. dollar. 

As well, I have now started adding new companies in the gold space to my recommendations. 

This does NOT yet mean gold has bottomed; as I explain in the coming new issue, a worst case now would have the gold price itself dropping considerably farther still

However, with the secular bullish trend still in tact (though it could take one of two very different forms over the next year or two, as I have also been explaining to Members) I believe the best STORIES will still prevail.

Indeed, my latest addition to the sector is 10% HIGHER in the recent past, while the gold price has continued to drop.

* If you are newer to our audience and have never read it, PLEASE do yourself a favor and read my mid-Summer Special Issue:

You will understand how and why I advocated selling our sector investment/trading positions the very day the PM's peaked in February. . .and within a few days of the top this Summer.

And folks, I'll say it again: It's not that I'm a rocket scientist. It's because I understand the role/acceptance of gold in the markets in modern times. Most of the Pied Pipers sadly do not (or don't want to.)

Look for yet another UPDATE of this critical and--if I may say, as the last year and events have proven me correct--prophetic report around the upcoming Holidays as well...

...including additional/updated profiles on some of my best company ideas.

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