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OK — So what do we do NOW!?

Chris Temple 0

The short answer to that question for the time being is, Not Much 

In the next regular issue I'm piecing together over the weekend, I'll be discussing with our paid Members several prospective moves we might be making. Among those will be a few sector ETF's I'm especially liking.

     I'll also have numerous updates on some of my existing company recommendations; BIG recent news with several of them.

     But by and large, I'm still of a mind that we primarily sit on our hands. I'll be explaining all the reasons why; and the continuing top two threats to the various "risk on" rallies of recent days.  I think there will be plenty of time still--and better prices--at which to place more bets later.    

For the time being, for those who missed it, you would do well to check out THIS DISCUSSION of mine with my buddy Trevor Hall at Mining Stock Daily, from this past Wednesday. As always, I call 'em as I see 'em...and have some HARD truths that BOTH "sides" need to come to grips with in an election--on the presidential level, anyhow--that deserved to end in somewhat of the photo finish that was only just called (but is still being contested by the president.)

 Aside from a few such political observations that I'll be expanding on in the days ahead, Trevor and I also talked about some investment-related themes. 

Two of them somewhat go together: Energy policy and China relations under a Biden Administration. 

Funny...but likely not reflecting reality...

Some weeks back in prognosticating what a Biden presidency might bring, I talked about China. AND I explained to you why the idea of a "China Joe" who will sell America out to that country anew will likely prove to have been electioneering hooey. 

     For a refresher, those thoughts are RIGHT HERE

And that is because one of the very first orders of business for the President-elect will be to glom on to and accelerate/focus the majority of what the Trump Department of Energy has already started. I discussed this in some detail with Trevor; and why Trump made a HUGE mistake in constantly sticking to infantile scare tactics when he discussed energy policy. He had a LOT to run on in this regard; but didn't sell it thoughtfully or effectively. 

   America as we know is horribly behind--and still vulnerable--when it comes to pretty much every new and/or enhanced energy source of the future. 

--- Uranium production

--- Advanced reactor technology

--- The new "Global Battery Arms Race"

--- Rare earth elements production and especially processing (Though on that latter score, there's been BIG, encouraging news in recent days from one of my existing recommended companies!)

     All of the above is going to ebb and flow as to individual priorities. They may well be affected by whether the G.O.P. in the end does remain in control of the Senate. It's possible we still won't know that until those January 5 run-off elections for both of Georgia's Senate seats (unless, prior, a certain West Virginia Senator switches parties and makes it all moot.)

  As I discussed with Trevor, on some of these themes we can and have already taken positions: chiefly on uranium-related companies and a couple lithium ones.

     One by one, I'll be adding more shortly.

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