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Chris Temple 0

From the Oct. 12, 2020 Issue

As usual, an even more polarized and partisan national election season than the last one is long on emotion, hype, hysteria and blame-throwing.

Its shorter than ever on facts and reason!

As these words are written three weeks before Election Day, I do my best in this LONG answer to several similar questions recently posed to me to annoy both Trump sycophants and those with Trump Derangement Syndrome alike.

I do so because--contrary to our sad state of political discourse today--I choose to use facts, logic, reality and history in MY assessment of things.

In addition to a LOT of those things, I also (and via a couple podcast links at the end of these comments) discuss numerous investment-related themes that will be affected by the election outcome: most good, but a few NOT so good!

I also point out a LOT of ways in which a potential Biden presidency is being woefully misrepresented by the "Trump camp" -- election hype to be sure, but it goes MUCH deeper than that.

As I always say, I call things as I see them!

For my COMMENTARY and investment themes:

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