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Mid-Year Market Compilation: Sectors, Stocks and MORE

Chris Temple 0

As we begin the 2nd half of perhaps THE craziest year any of us have ever lived through (and it's not done yet!) I wanted to dispense some recent added knowledge to you all on a host of subjects:

-- What does the stock market face in the second half?

-- Thoughts on uranium, silver, other base metals: what to do NOW...and what to be wary of.

-- Is Gold really in a "Perfect Storm" setup?

-- Energy: Long or short now?

-- A "trial separation" for The Odd Couple; and thoughts on why the Treasury markets--and fixed income generally--are pretty much uninvestable right now

-- The how and why of common stock warrants.

-- Last but not least, in this compilation of items from the last two regular issues of The National Investor, you'll get insights and NAMES into several of my current stock recommendations!

Just download this compilation issue below:

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