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The Historic Chasm Between Main Street and Wall Street. . .and LOTS more market and investment thoughts

Chris Temple 0

The first of two back-to-back issues for my Members as we close out April has been but slightly redacted...and is available FREE at the above download link.

From time to time, as some of you already know, I will make a FREE copy of one of my usually Members-only issues available to my broader audience.   

 That is particularly when it is all (or chiefly) a thematic one.  Only now and then do I provide my specific investment recommendations to those not on my Members list (and that is ALWAYS after Members get "first dibs" to the extent I later make specific picks available at all.)  

So in the above-linked issue you'll get some insights actually into several of my current stock recommendations particularly and a LOT more! (NOTE: You will see the retailer Big Lots mentioned, but in that case I just advised selling BIG; the second time in just the last few months we got in and then within weeks out at a FAT PROFIT!)

The subject matter in the issue:

* Bearish economic fundamentals vs. the Fed-enabled hopium rally.

* The Wuhan Virus' timely utility to the central planners.

* Biotech thoughts (Sarepta and Summit discussed, chiefly, for now.)

* Thoughts on "choosing" among my speculative-rated recommendations.

* More exposure to come in the uranium space, especially following the NFWG Report.

* More on the "Flation Debate" (and why the US Dollar continues to argue in favor of a LOT more DEFLATION to come globally.) 

Especially take note at the issue's conclusion of the even meatier subjects on tap for the first regular May issue for Members!

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