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The GOLD ISSUE: This is NOT Your Father’s Gold Market!

Chris Temple 0

The surprise (to most, anyway) beating that the gold sector took the last week of February with everything else is the latest lesson that you need to UNDERSTAND the factors driving gold and gold stocks in 2020!

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In my most comprehensive report EVER on the subject, I explain:

  1. How the demand equation for gold has been turned completely upside down over the years,
  2. Knowing the BIGGEST source of the most recent buying in gold ETFs especially helps explain why those ETFs recently sold off so sharply; and could again.
  3. How the Coronavirus is as likely to hurt gold in the near term as it is to help it (Just how many people in China, for instance, are leaving their house to buy gold jewelry and baubles these days?)
  4. Why you should RUN...not walk...away from the Pied Pipers of the Gold Bug Echo Chamber who cannot (or won't) accurately and honestly explain THESE SAME SIMPLE ISSUES TO YOU.
  5. Tips on identifying the best opportunities in gold mining stocks (including several specific examples from my own recommendations...
  6. And a LOT more!

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