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Portfolio Comments — and our First “2020 Game Plan” Guidance

Chris Temple 0

As we wind down a Year 2019 that has zoomed by way too fast (part of Yours truly getting older?) thoughts turn to themes/planning for 2020. Especially with an even more toxic political mood we'll have in the U.S. than was the case in 2016, an already-considerable task of sorting everything out and putting a portfolio strategy together will be that much more so!

Rather than publishing a single "2020 Forecast" Issue at some point as is the norm, I'm instead going to be putting out a series of commentaries and guidance ahead of--and as we soon start--the New Year. The first of those is the first section of the November 27 issue, which you can download below:

This first part of the newest issue (which goes on in the Members-only version to provide updates and comments on numerous of our covered companies, including some GREAT news out from several that's moving the needle for their stories!) is actually more of a hands-on allocation guide. I discuss all the major investment sectors, together with how we're especially positioning in The Odd Couple (Treasuries and gold sectors.)

Make sure to avail yourself of my Holiday Season MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNT if you are not presently a Member; that will get you IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all my recommendations. (NOTE: The discount applies to existing Members as well who renew/extend their Memberships at this time.)

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