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UPDATED: Ecuador’s Turmoil — and Moreno’s Unpardonable Sin

Chris Temple 0

(From the first regular issue for October)

Having over the last several years distinguished myself among my peers as a "first mover" of sorts where the story of Ecuador's nascent mining industry is concerned, it likewise falls to me to cut through the emotions and politics to explain as best I can the reasons for the unrest in that beautiful country of the last week-plus now.

FRESH UPDATE -- Posted Sunday, 10/13/19

AUDIO UPDATE -- October 19, 2019

Peace has been restored in Ecuador as of this date, though a prolonged period of healing is going to be required to heal the social scars that are left from the recent protests and violence.

In the below interview (Begins at the 41:30 mark) I give a broad update on the situation in Ecuador generally and for its mining sector particularly.)

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