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It’s “Gut Check Time” over China…and for Trump

Chris Temple 0

Commentary -- October 4, 2019

These days the only interest the Establishment media and the Democrat Party have over China is whether or not Donald Trump will push them to "investigate" Joe Biden ("Orange Man bad!!" "Impeach 45!!")

Yet while the Democrat Party renders itself ever more a clown show -- and sadly removes itself as any kind of viable opposition party -- Trump for better or worse is America's point man where the New Cold War with China is concerned.

And as his team readies for a next round of negotiations this coming week, Trump finds himself between two substantial opposing forces in his own country: Wall Street which wants a deal at most any price. . .and the Deep State, which will be happy to cripple China both economically and militarily, even at the expense of causing a global financial crisis.

In the below NEW COMMENTARY I explain why the Deep State still has the upper hand it reclaimed this past Spring: and why investors should brace for more disappointment. . .and a deepening Cold War going forward.

And with ever more pressure on him to capitulate as have past presidents, we're going to find out more than ever what Trump is made of.

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