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Comments on another volatile week — Friday, Nov. 2, 2018

Chris Temple 0

In this podcast from today on the KE Report, Chris discusses the added market volatility (this week, chiefly to the upside) as stocks have surged back following the most recent sharp correction.

As the week ended, markets were buffeted, though, by a tag team of the two biggest issues on everyone's minds:  Fed policy and trade. The boffo jobs report from Friday morning reinvigorated both the dollar and yields; some measures of yield on the Treasury rate curve touched their highest level in several years.

Meanwhile the good cop/bad cop routine vis a vis China (President Trump the former, and his chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow the latter) really injected some volatility; but not until after Trump's Thursday Tweet had underscored a MONSTER rally for emerging markets, etc.

Never a dull moment!  And if all that hasn't been enough, the week ahead brings us the mid-term elections and Fed meeting.

Listen in here:


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