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The Fed caused the 2008 Crash; and has ALREADY laid the Foundation for the Next One

Chris Temple 0

This past week in particular has seen no end of pontificating on the causes of and lessons learned (?) from the 2008 Financial Crisis.

In one sense it's been a bit humorous to see the likes of a Ben Bernanke, Jack Paulson and Tim Giethner being fawned over in interviews on their retrospectives of that dark hour. During this weekend's show (two segments of which I spent with Al Korelin on that crash and what factors are already taking shape which will lead to the next one) I likened listening to these guys as akin to hearing from Jack the Ripper on the virtues of knife safety.

You can find those shows I refer to at

For present purposes, a Fed notably more "hawkish" for various reasons than anything we've seen in well over a decade appears on the road to prompting the next deflationary unraveling. I discussed this dynamic at some length in the first regular issue of The National Investor; that excerpt can be read or downloaded by clicking on the below:

Fall Focus on the Fed - Sept. 2018 Issue No. 1





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