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Only Agnostics–and smart stock-pickers–can succeed in this market!

Chris Temple 0

This week -- for our own audience's purposes, and as I filled in for my friend Cory as host of some segments on the K.E. Report -- I spoke with my friend "Doc" Postma, a regular on K.E.R.  What I like about Doc is that he, as I, is not an ideologue when it comes to the markets. He's not a "perma"- anything either.

And that's more critical than ever, as the landscape we both are envisioning fits NEITHER the boom nor bust story line. Perma-bulls and perma-bears alike on the stock market won't be too happy. This is what Doc and I focus on in the first recording just below; together with things we DO like in the markets no matter their overall direction!


Next, we discuss what are admittedly the greater number of downside risks to stocks and other risk assets; and indicate what we're watching that would change our views to being more bearish:


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