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Back to the 1970’s. . .In More Ways Than One?

Chris Temple 0

(Posted May 12, 2017) -- For some time I've suggested that we'll be moving inexorably toward a "Stagflation Lite" type of environment where--among other things--REAL assets again outperform now-overvalued financial assets for a host of reasons.  This week we've received more news in the form of "hot" producer price inflation to go along with the recent economic weakness.

Suddenly another throwback to the 70's has revealed itself, according to some:  President Trump's sacking this week of F.B.I. Director Comey.  While those comparing this to President Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre" of 1973 are guilty of a rather wild overreach, it's none the less interesting that Trump has become the first president to fire a chief law enforcement officer that is investigating him.

On this week's podcasts I do for the Korelin Economics Report I looked into both:

--  the political story and its potential fallout (on Wednesday's broadcast) and

-- the growing body of evidence of our new Stagflation Lite environment and what that means for investors.

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