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Trump’s Neo-Mercantilism is NOT Populism!

Chris Temple 0

(Posted February 1, 2017) -- FINALLY, in a Financial Times piece this morning, I saw the broad economic trade/policy provisions of President Trump correctly identified.  Whereas elsewhere this major newspaper (and most of the rest of the media) have INCORRECTLY described as "populist" what Trump is pushing, he is instead seeking to resurrect the MERCANTILISM of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In two podcasts yesterday (and in this morning's version on the K.E.Report) I spend some time explaining the distinction. . .the repurcussions we can expect in markets and the global economy. . .and MORE:

In the above, we discuss what is BY FAR the biggest economic announcement of the Trump team so far; but one that was relegated to also-ran status by the media, which is more fixated on personalities and emotional issues than on substance.

Next, we talked about the market implications more specifically. BUT in addition I also got into a brief history lesson of what it means to have the world's reserve currency. Whether by ignorance or design, Trump's neo-mercantilist policy could lead to doom for the U.S. dollar; but not before causing a MAJOR global implosion first.

Finally, this (Wednesday) morning, I discussed some reasons why an early stock market rally dissipated; but toward the end of our discussion I again pointed out the BITTER DISAPPOINTMENT that could lie ahead for the millions of American voters who cast their votes for "The Donald" thinking they really would be getting "populism."




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